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from craving ignited in Europe to passion and dedication to bringing you the best...

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the honeymoon where it all began…

You can’t walk through the streets of Istanbul and not be lured by the numerous kebab shops on the street.  The aroma did the trick, we had to try it and I would say we were fairly hooked.  You see everything about the Doner is so good from the fresh sliced meat, not frozen microwaved meat or preservatives laden ham, finger licking sauces, and boy did we love them spicy. It was the same in Santorini and Athens, the lure of the aroma of the Kebabs. They do it a bit differently with thicker bread and milder sauces, we also tried the Souvlaki, Greek style steak meat you can say.  Italy had its own version but the one we liked best was in Berlin.  It was an obsession that we had to keep going back, even with the long one hour queue.   From that moment a passion was sparked leading us to observe the kebab culture wherever we went. Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, we’ve found some substitute but not in Bangkok, sure you can find shwarmas but no Doner Kebabs. It was the trip to America that The Kebabry idea formulated, some guys with a similiar interest opened a Doner Kebab joint in Austin, Texas, a place strange to the Doner Culture. From there we went on to see another trying to entice the people of Los Angeles with their version of the spit meat. 4 years of research and trial and error with some very fortunate guidance from a family friend Doner Kebab manufacturer in the South of France and here we are, The Kebabry, the first real European Style Doner Kebab Snack Shop in Bangkok. Our passion has driven us to make the biggest, freshest, and tastiest hot German Style Doner Kebabs in Bangkok.

falafels, anyone?

We didn’t start out making our own falafels, but we never really found one that we really loved here.  So again after lots and lots of research, trial sessions, we finalized our falafel recipe to be Egyptian style using a secret blend of beans and herbs.

Fried to Golden Crisp Brown on the outside, with a soft chunky green inside. Enjoy them in any menu from Doner Kebab Sandwiches to On Rice or even on its own with dips.  Not only do Vegetarians love them, its one of our best selling menus. 


the meat…

It took as a while to develop the perfect marinade for the chicken.  We started out by jotting points of what we wanted, medium flavor – not too overpowering when eaten on its own and yet not too bland when eaten in a sandwich.  It had to be crisp on the outside with a soft inner core.  The color we wanted was golden brown, not yellow not red.  We are proud to have been able to keep it healthy using 99% fat free skinless chicken breast.   

The beef was harder,  its very easy to over flavor beef.    From the start, we wanted to use real meat, I mean no ground stuff or fillers like some burgers out there.  We tried the many different cut, thick, thin, Hump, Fillets, Ribeye, Sirloin.  In fact we had been open for a while before we got this right, thanks to some very helpful customers turn friends.  Now we use thinly sliced Thai-French Sirloin mixed with a small Ribeye percentage in our Doner.  Costly, but memorable from the first bite. 

We then imported electric Doner Slicers to make sure we get that consistent thickness every time and yes both are HALAL certified.

the sauces…

I keep hearing this from our customers, that the best part about us is our sauces, each Kebab has its own combination of sauces, all homemade and preservative free.   A lot work is put it to make the traditional Turkish Harissa from scratch – do you know that 2 layers of glove is not enough to keep your hands from burning when seeding dried red chili?  

To keep things interesting we cooked up a few of our own fusion version of the kebab. Our lineup of sauces includes Yogurt Garlic, Mint, Pomodoro, Texas BBQ and Garlic Aioli.  A few more receipes are also on the way!

the breads…

We started with only soft thick pita bread which we would put everything inside and panini grill them.  It was as if we developed a new way of eating the Doner Kebab, it was crispy on the outside with hot melting filing on the inside.  We then added the Sesame crusted Wholewheat Turkish bread which is more like the Fladenbrot in Germany and serve it open style.  Now we have added Durum and Wholewheat wraps that makes the kebab rolls.  

you’ll have to try us to pick your favorite…




  •   5 star I used to live in Berlin and to be honest, your kebab is better than almost all of those i had there ! Really fresh and tasty ingredients !
    Please deliver to phloen chit

    Elodie Cassie R
  •   5 star Crispy pita with some tasty chicken and a nice sauce. Very recommendable!

    Torbjörn Larisch
  • 5 star Best Döner Kebap and Ayran in Town!

    Roland Wagner
  • Can’t get enough of this place! It’s just superb. Everytime they amaze you with their taste and the food is always super fresh!! Hope they keep up the service!!!

    ‎Samreen Yasir
  • Just tried a veggie version of your Romano (e.g. without the kebab)…was so delicious! I’m so excited that you’re right across the street from us

    ‎Ramya Vivekanandan Rodrigues